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page 232 TEXAS
1st page
August, 2000
Bill Addington, sludge biosols killing bats, TNRCC, acceptable risk, USEPA. Mexican Freetail bats, MERCO, lost samples
page 233 WILDLIFE + 503
xx page
wildlife can't read, 503 rule not protective of terrestrial wildlife and native plant communitites, direct toxicity, cadmium, lead, selenium, bioaccumulation, bioconcentration
xx page
effects of pathogens on animals, parasitic wosms can survive upto 7 years in soils, Audubon Society of NH, robins, peregrine falcons, hormone disrupting chemicals, frog survey NH DES, Biomonitoring Program
page 235 TEXAS
2nd page
November 21, 2000
Fort Bend County, Sludge transportation on the highways, Houston, David Lewis, real risk, class B sludge, EPA,, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, cytomeglovirus, respiratory disease
page 236 TEXAS
3rd page
November 21, 2000
Dr. Lewis, Cornell University, fundamental errors and serious omissions in EPA's sludge science, Inspector General, Masseys, Fort Bend County, Houston
page 237 TEXAS
4th page
November 21, 2000
Lewis, no cover over sludge, contaminated materials into ventilation system, Teresa Battenfield, Houston Public Works Dept., EPA, trucks must be covered, class B sewage sludge, Synagro, Ross Patten, fertilizer
page 238 USA
xx page
sludge under suspicion, Oklahoma, Bermuda grass, killed miniature horses, Dr. Lee Miller, Maryland, crop loss due to use of sludge as fertilizer, Texas, Keith Massey, William Barina, Phil Gramm, odors, abuttors, Guy, terminal pulmonary fibrosis, throat and lung problems, leukemia, cancer of the bladder, lymphoma, childhood cancers, Ralph Natale, Hawaii, headaches, vomiting, death, respitratory problems, Rhabdomyosarcoma, lawsuit
page 239 after November , 1999
5th page
Sierra Blanca, ammonia vapor mixed with fecal smell, nation's largest sewage sludge dump, Texas PEER, George W. Bush's environmental regulatory appointees, illegal dumping, tripling New York waste import, EPQA, toxic release inventory, Cornell University, arsenic, chromium, mercury, lead, PCB's. E. coli, Salmonella, Congress banned ocean dumping of sewage sludge in 1988, Merco Joint Venture, Oklahoma, New York organized crime
page 240 after November , 1999
6th page
Merco, Oklahoma, 5 year ban, Arizona, hogh levels of petroleum and infectious disease, Hudspeth County, Sierra Blanca, $ 1.5million donated to Texas Tech University to study beneficial effects of sludge, sludge registration, Texas Water Commission, Hugh Kaufman, odor, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia vapors, exas Air Control Board, Bill Addington, Sam Dodge, Civil Rights Complaint with the EPA
page 241 TEXAS
7th page
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, Bush philosophy, Merco, Cliff Johnson, lobby, Barry McBee, Ralph Marquez, John Baker, Houston Astrodome, Bill Addington, Millie Dodge, Sierra Blanca, motion for reconsideration, Dan Pearson, illegal dunping
page 242 TEXAS
8th page
after November, 1999
Organic Toxicants, Pathogens, Sewage Sludge, J.G. Babish, D.J. Lisk, G.S. Stoewsand, C. Wilkinson, Cornell University, Allen R. Myerson, New York Times, Kevin Flynn, Michael Moss, USDA Soil Conservation Service, Upper North Bosque Watershed Plan, TAC, Processes to significantly reduce pathogens, USEPA, Bill Addington
page 243 TEXAS
9th page
Miller, Bill renetly introduced in Texa Legislature, regulation of land application of sewage sludge, n sludge to be applied within one mile from school, institution, business or occupied residential structure
page 244 VERMONT
1st page
January, 1998
Ruane family, North Clarendon, City of Rutland, drop in milk production, arthritis, abortions, calves with leg deformities, drastric increase in cattle mortality after feeding on corn silage grown in sludge, NH House Environment and Agriculture Committee, sludge is poison
page 245 VERMONT
2nd page
January 29, 1998
ban sludge, biosolids horror story, Robert Ruane, Rutland, House Environment and Agriculture Committee, moratorium, Cornell, poison, Sierra Club, Citizens for the Future of New Hampshire, Charles Reid, New Hampshire Organic Farming Associationm PCB's, dioxins, mercury, Helane Shields, Alton,, FDA, EPA,
page 246 VERMONT
3rd page
around 1998
Robert Ruane, City of Rutland, deterioration of cow herd, arthritis, increased cattle mortality, calves aborted, excessive nitrate level in test wells, Zander, severe liver damage
page 247 VERMONT
4th page
around 1998
Robert Ruane, City of Rutland, deterioration of cow herd, arthritis, increased cattle mortality, calves aborted,fighting city and state, excessive nitrate levels, lawsuits over sludge

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